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    How to keep a little girl from getting upset easily?

    I noticed that my three-year-old daughter can be easily upset even by the simplest of things; a marble lost under a table or a box that's not easy to open can send her into a panic and have her cry to you for help. How can I teach her to calm down and tackle these "problems" without panicking?

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    Little girls can be very sensitive, however that is because their nervous system is still developing. I highly suggest that her caregivers get down on her eye level and talk to her. Tell her that you want to help her find her marble and that you will work with her till its found, give her a hug and reassure her that you will be their to help her through this difficult time.
    A 3 year old does not have the vocabulary to fully express her feelings, so thus the crying or screaming or the worlds coming to an end behavior. Which is all very very normal for a 3 year old child.
    Know that this time will pass and she will slowly evolve into a blossoming child.
    Her ability to trust you is completely up to her that you care and respect her feelings.


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    thank you for your reply!

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