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Thread: Suggestion for healthy kid's diet...

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    Suggestion for healthy kid's diet...

    Hi I am a Stay at home mum.I am always worried about my elder daughter’s health.She is 10 years old..She is actually a fussy eater. I would love to have a diet plan or some ideas for her, in general. So that her daily nutrition requirements are met. I would here mention that she is a non vegetarian and loves to have eggs.

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    Hello SAHM,

    Im wondering how active your daughter is. Getting daily exercise helps with her health as well. Id encourage her to get outside and move about, take walks with her, get in involved with other children and encourage her to move about.
    Id also talk to her about healthy foods and what that means to her and you. Most children will follow in parents footsteps as far as food is concerned.
    Which means eating healthy yourself.
    Get in involved in helping you in the kitchen, mean planning, cooking with you.
    Healthy eating is a family lifestyle, one that starts with the parents.
    Good luck, I hope that your family can find a healthy start to your diet

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    Hi SAHM,

    Thanks for posting your question. This is something most parents struggle with at some point. You are not alone!

    The new recommendations are two eat at least 7 portions of fruit and vegetables a day. I know this is difficult when you have a fussy eater but you can build up to this gradually. At this age, many children will enjoy helping you to create a meal. You may find that enlisting your daughter to help in the kitchen means that she ends up eating a greater variety of food. Make both cooking and eating fun.

    Family meal-times can be a place of shared lives and interesting conversations. I know it can be difficult, but it is best to avoid pressurising your daughter into eating or inadvertently making her feel stressed about meals.

    You said that she loves eggs so how about getting creative with this first. You could make a vegetable frittata or perhaps a courgette flan? Wholemeal bread with a dippy egg is also an excellent source of protein and fibre.

    Another favourite with children is smoothies. Have a look at this link on green smoothies. Your daughter can cope up with your own smoothie recipes and you can enjoy making them together.

    I also agree with sunnymumof5 above; it's so important that your daughter has an active lifestyle as well as eating healthily.

    I hope that some of these suggestions help. Please post back and let us support you further with this.

    Warm wishes,

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