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    How can I get my teenager involved in caring for new baby?


    My son is 15 and I worry that he is being a little excluded whilst we are all busy with the new baby. Does anyone have any suggestion for how we can make him feel more a part of things?

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    I have had a teen and a baby at the same time, and it can be difficult to find a good balance in larger age range between siblings.
    In our family, we talk alot and are always communicating how we feel and what were thinking. My teens have always shown interest in a new sibling and have tended to want to hold the baby and help with gathering baby items when needed.

    Id ask your teen to hold the baby when you need a extra hand, or ask your teen if he wants to help. Some teens are quite pre occupied and don't have much interest in a new born. However when the baby gets older the teen may feel more comfortable and be a wonderful help.

    Great question, I'm interested in what others have done to help everyone feel important in a family setting.

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    Thank you, we can try getting him a little more involved without making it a big deal - I like the idea of asking him to hold the baby so I can do something

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