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    Is it safe for cats to sleep in a baby’s room?


    This might seem like a silly question but our cat is rather fond of our new baby and has been sneaking into his room at night. The cat seems to stay on the floor but there are horror stories about cats sleeping on babies faces and suffocating them - is it just an old wives tale or should I be worried?

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    Dear loppysmum,

    You should really keep your cat out of places where your baby sleeps. There is a risk of them jumping into the cot or pram and obstructing your baby's mouth. You can buy certain 'cat net' products to try and prevent this but it would be better if you stopped your cat from being able to get into your baby's room at night or during naps.

    However, it is good that your cat has adapted well to your new baby

    Warm wishes,

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    Thank you for your reply, I'll have a look at the cat nets. Our cat is rather resourceful and can open the door so maybe the net might be a deterrent. Usually we have to adapt to the cat but this time we will try to get the upper hand

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