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    My baby has just started weaning and he will only eat solid food


    We have just started the weaning process and I can't get him to eat anything runny, mashed or pureed, he only wants to eat if it's something solid he can chew on (well gum at least), are there any problems with this?

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    Hi loppysmum,

    That is absolutely fine if your baby wants to only eat solid food. In fact, there is evidence that weaning a baby on solid food alone has developmental and nutritional advantages compared to pureed food. For example, a baby is more likely to eat at their own pace if they are weaned onto solid food and this means breastfeeding is more likely to continue for longer. A baby will also not fill up on empty calories with this method. A baby will spend more time using the 'pincer grip' if they eat solid food and this will help with their overall development.

    Have you heard about baby led weaning? This method of weaning was developed by a health professional using research and is precisely what your baby is doing naturally. You forget the mush and let your baby explore and eat solid food from 6 months of age and when they are developmentally ready. The mantra is 'food is for fun until they are one'. So basically for babies under 12 months of age you don't need to worry about how much food they are actually swallowing because a baby can get over 90% of their nutrients from just your breastmilk (at 12 months of age). Indeed, whether your baby is breastfed or formula fed; milk should still be their main source of nutrients up to 12 months of age. This should gradually decrease between 12 and 24 months of age.

    With baby led weaning, when your baby is between 6 and 12 months old you should not offer them food when they are hungry or tired. Breastmilk is best in this situation. Babies love exploring foods of different textures and tastes, you just need to cut the food into big enough (and long enough) chunks so that they can easily hold it. Examples of a baby led weaning meal could be: pieces of steamed chicken, vegetable sticks with a chickpea dip and pear fingers. It's great fun and should instill a healthy lifelong love of good food in your baby!

    Warm wishes,

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    Thank you for your reply and it's great to know that he is actually teaching us a better way to do things!

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    Your baby is doing good. My son, Axl on the other hand won't eat solid food. He'd throw it away when the food is too hard for him to chew.

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    That a great thing that your baby is having the solid food. My Ds would not have just spit the things. he does like to have it.

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