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    Help! I need a babysitter!

    Outside of common sense, what are other qualities to look for in a babysitter for toddlers?

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    I like to look for good energy in a baby sitter, one who gets on the toddlers eye level and talks with the child rather than at the child. One who actually takes a interest in what the child is playing at the moment. One who has positive reports on your child. One who generally likes children. I also want to talk to a previous family they have worked for. I also like to have a sitter come spend a few hours or even a day with our family so he or she can see how our family dynamics work on a typical day. We are very laid back and do not have any schedules at all. So for the most part everyday is like summer vacation in our home and I make that known to the sitter.
    Good luck with finding one that fits your parenting style.
    Great communication up front is also key!

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