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Thread: A deaf Child

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    A deaf Child

    Dear Mums,

    I have a child who is deaf. He is my son and he is deaf since birth. I kept on crying until now for him because I really have pity on him. I just couldn't imagine how he will handle his life when he gets mature and will start to have his own family.

    Until now, I didn't know why he is deaf. I would like to know from the experts here on why I was having a deaf child. He is the eldest of four.
    Please help me how can I help him.

    Hoping to hear from all of you out there!


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    Dear kindmum4kids,

    I was an Audiologist before I had children. I am sorry to read of your concern for your son.

    What degree of deafness does he have (this is termed: mild, moderate, severe and profound)? I assume he is under an audiology or ENT department? They should be able to go through your medical history to help find a cause.

    Some cases of a child being born deaf are caused by the mum having an illness or infection in pregnancy (such as rubella or the herpes virus). Were you ill at all in your pregnancy?

    How was your birth? A difficult birth can also unfortunately cause deafness, for example, if your son was born prematurely or had a very low birth rate or did not get enough Oxygen straight away.

    Most causes of congenital hearing loss (ie. hearing loss or deafness from birth) are caused by a genetic problem. Certain syndromes are also associated with a hearing loss.

    There are many excellent children's deafness charities - what country do you live in?

    How old is your son now? What form of communication does he use?

    Thinking of you,

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    Thank you ljmarsden for the informative response about my deaf child

    Dear ljmarsden,

    Thank you for the response you made for me. As I recall during my first pregnancy, I was very ill that time. I was having a fever and measles. I gave birth during my 8th month of pregnancy. Perhaps, this is why my son is deaf and we only communicate through sign language. He is already 15 years old now


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    Hi kindmum4kids,

    Thank you for your reply. Yes I'm afraid that measles in pregnancy can cause your baby to be born with a permanent hearing loss. I am sorry this happened to you.

    Many adults live extremely full, varied lives communicating with sign language. Indeed, in the 'Deaf Community' deafness is often viewed as just part of who someone is rather than an impairment or problem. Employers should treat all employees equally and offer them equal opportunities.

    How much support do you get from his school?

    Thinking of you,

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    Dearest LJ,

    Thank you so much for giving concern about my deaf child. We were taught sign language from the school he 's into right now. That is all the support we got from the school.


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    I'm sorry you have not had more support. Is he at a mainstream school or a specialist school? Does he have a named 'teacher of the hearing impaired'? These health professionals usually work with families providing a link between the clinic, school and home.

    Where do you live? Then I hope to advise you of some children's deafness charities which can help to support you further.

    Another useful form of support for parents is peer support groups. This is where you meet with other families, in your locality, who have a hearing impaired child and support each other with your experiences.

    Thinking of you,

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