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Thread: Stop the dummy

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    Stop the dummy

    My toddler girl still uses a dummy. I haven't tried too hard to get her to stop but we don't want her to have it anymore in fear of her teeth not growing right. What can we do get her to stop that won't traumatize her or cause complete meltdown?

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    Hi live2BaMom,

    Thanks for your question.

    How many months old is your daughter?

    I agree that a gentle approach is best. It can be best to start reducing her dummy use in the daytime rather than taking anyway her night-time comfort at the same time. To help you prepare for when night time dummy weaning does start, you could try to introduce a comforter that she has in bed or try other ways of getting her to fall asleep.

    Have you come across the Thumbuddy toys? They are a gentle and fun way to get a child to stop using their dummy.

    Some children like to give their dummy to a special toy to look after in the daytime. Try to keep these times of day really busy and full of lots of activities so that your child almost doesn't have time to think about the dummy. If you start gently then your child can still have their dummy back when they are sleepy or feeling in need of extra comfort.

    Do let us know how it goes.

    Warm wishes,

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