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    Question Different Dialect

    We just transferred to a new city with a different dialect from where we came from, will my daughter have a difficulty with the language barrier eventually when she goes to school? How can I help her prepare for it when I for one is not fluent with it?

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    Dear milkandboo,

    By 'dialect' I assume that you been that the overall language is the same it is just spoken with some differences in the city you are in? What city did you move from and to, so I have a better understanding of this?

    Children's brains can easily make new neural pathways. In fact, children aged 2 years and younger would generally have little difficulties with understanding two languages and going on to be bi-lingual. However, it is important that your daughter is fully immersed in the new dialect on a daily basis. Is it spoken in your home? Can she spend lots of time with children and families who speak the dialect with ease?

    So, in conclusion it depends on how different this dialect is. Your daughter's ease at adapting to this dialect and becoming fluent in it also depends on her immersion in the local language and her age.

    Warm wishes,

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    Hi LJ!

    I now plan to have my daughter get into a play class so she can adapt the local language. Thank you for taking time to answer my query.



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    That sounds very wise!

    I wish you all the best with this,

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