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    Question Zombie Shows

    My daughter likes to watch shows on telly with zombies on it, will there be an adverse effect on her in the future?

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    If you could share the age of your daughter, I think it will help us to get a better understanding of what sort of advice to offer.
    I have children of all ages and do feel that shows about zombies due tend to change the energy of my children. They tend to be more cautious at night time and have a general fear of the dark.
    Talking with your child about those particular shows will help open communication between the 2 of you. In doing so she may tell you that she does feel uncomfortable watching them...if so then you can help her find more age appropriate shows.

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    Hi sunnymumof5!

    My daughter will be 3 years old next month. I was also expecting she'll be afraid of the dark or will be dreaming of zombies but she is not. Anyway, I try to make excuses each time she asks to watch zombie shows and give her her favorite animation. I think it will do for now.

    Thanks for your time sharing.

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