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    When can I start deworming my 3-year old daughter?

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    Dear milkandboo,

    Thanks for your question.

    Are you talking about thread worms? Have you seen evidence of these on your daughter (commonly in the bottom). If so, then you should start treatment and prevention measures straight away. Thread worms can be quite uncomfortable for children.

    At age 3 your daughter is old enough for the medication used to get rid of the thread worms (this is licensed from age 2 plus). However, note that this treatment does not treat any unhatched eggs. It is essential to follow a strict hygiene routine for six weeks (this should be followed by all household members whether or not they have symptoms yet). It involves:

    - keeping toothbrushes in a closed cupboard and rinsing them before use
    - not eating food in the bedrooms
    - having a separate towel and flannel for each person in the house
    - when threadworms are diagnosed, washing all bedding, night clothes, toys and soft toys
    - vacuum and dust the whole house
    - stop everyone in the family from biting their nails and keep everyone's nails short
    - wear underwear at night-time
    - wash your hands extra thoroughly after using the toilet

    I hope that this information helps you. Please post back and let us know.

    Warm wishes,

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    Hi LJ,

    For now, I don't see any signs that my daughter have thread worms. I'm just preparing myself in case she'll be infected. I am grateful that I have ideas now how to prevent such infection.

    Thank you for your help.



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    Dear milkandboo,

    It's good to read your reply - I'm glad you have not seen any signs of thread worms.

    A good hygiene regime is worth putting into place anyway.

    Warm wishes,

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