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    Medication for Post Partum

    My friend told me that I could take medication for post partum depression, but I'm still breastfeeding. Has anyone else ever been prescribed medication for post partum depression?

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    Dear rebeccawrites,

    I'm so sorry to hear you are suffering from postpartum depression. However, it is great that you are getting support from your friend and (do I assume right?) your doctor too. Postpartum depression affects many women (around 1 in 5 of women who give birth suffer from this) and there should never be any guilt involved with talking about it and seeking help. It is absolutely the right thing to seek help for both you and your baby.

    Yes you can breastfeed whilst taking medication for postnatal depression. The breastfeeding charity La Leche League issued this statement on this topic:

    'Dr. Hale concluded his talk by saying that breastfeeding should be supported fully and not interrupted by mom’s needs for medication; and that treatment of postpartum depression can be accomplished relatively safely in breastfeeding mothers. So, in his consideration, moms should continue breastfeeding and should get drug treatment as needed for depression.'

    Have a look at this information from the Kellymom breastfeeding website on breastfeeding and depression medication.

    It is wonderful that you are continuing to breastfeed your baby.

    Please do post back if we can support you further with this.
    Thinking of you,

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