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Thread: Postpartum Depression of my sister

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    Unhappy Postpartum Depression of my sister

    Good Day.

    I have a 24 y/o sister and she has 2 lovely kids. She's been having postpartum depression every time she gave birth to the point that she wanted to place a pillow in her baby's face. This scares us that's why we needed to look after her all the time. She is pregnant now with her third child, what shall we do to prevent her in having this depression again after she gave birth?

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    Dear Janil,

    I'm very sorry to read this. It sounds like you and your family have been having a hard time recently.

    Please could I ask some more questions to help me to answer your post fully. What help, support and/or treatment did your sister have when she previously suffered from postpartum depression? What is her family setup - will she have support in her home when the next baby is born? What are your sister's thoughts on going through this again?

    Unfortunately postpartum depression is more likely in women who have suffered from any form of depression previously. It is great that you are seeking help now. This is really important - to set up her support network in advance. It would be beneficial if your sister could talk to her doctor about this in advance so that the health professionals have a treatment plan worked out ready incase she needs it.

    In severe cases, women can be given antidepressants shortly after giving birth as a preventative measure.

    Unfortunately, you cannot absolutely prevent it happening. However, you can do some things to try and do so/ reduce its severity. Talking to your sister's doctor in advance of having the baby is one of these things. Having a healthy exercise regime and eating a balanced diet will also help. Your sister can start doing these things now.

    Please post back and let me know your thoughts on this so that we can help to support you and your sister further.

    With warm wishes,

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