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    My 10 y/o son is being bullied at school and sometimes he loses his temper. What is the best way to explain to him on how he should handle such bullies in school and how he should handle his temper towards them.

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    I think its great that he is coming to you with these issues.
    Having had a familiar issue with my oldest son, keeping open communication is very important.
    As well as talking with your sons teacher and your sons principal.
    They will take this issue very seriously.
    If you find that it doesn't stop then possibly removing your child from the bus and finding another form of transportation.
    Bullying is not something to take lightly.
    Most schools will do everything in their power to help the children through this.
    Continue to encourage your son to talk to you openly about the issue, its awesome that he trust you enough to tell you this issue.
    I hope everything work's out for him quickly.

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