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    Smile Stretch Marks

    Dearest Everyone,

    Just want to know why is stretch mark is present when pregnant and how can we get rid out of it.
    On my first and second pregnancy, I don't have a stretch marks but during my third pregnancy, I wondered why I have stretch marks.

    Hope to hear from all of you here because I want to impart this to my sister and friends.

    Thank you!


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    Hi kindmum4kids,

    Stretch marks can sometimes happen more with later pregnancies. This is both because the skin has already stretched previously and can also be because the mum is older and her skin is less supple.

    Rubbing oil into your tummy and thighs can help to soften the skin and make stretch marks less obvious. You could use any oil such as: baby oil, almond oil or olive oil.

    Most stretch marks will lighten and fade with time. Eating a healthy, balanced diet and exercising regularly (at a level similar to your pre-pregnancy level is recommended) can also help.

    With warm wishes,

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    Dear LJ,

    Thank you for making a reply on me. This is a very useful information that I'm also going to impart to all mums within my reach.


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    You are very welcome

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    Hi LJ,

    It's really great to be part in this forum. You always make me smile.


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