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Thread: Breastfeeding a G6PD Deficient Baby

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    Breastfeeding a G6PD Deficient Baby


    I am a stay at home mum taking care of my 4 month old son. He is exclusively breastfed since day 1.

    The problem is just recently we found out that he is G6PD Deficient. I was wondering since there are a lot of foods that he should avoid should I avoid them as well because traces of it may be present in my milk and may cause crisis?

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    Do you have G6PD as well...if so are you on a restrictive diet?
    I ask because most male babies who have G6PD are also followed by the mothers diagnosis.

    Is your baby exclusively breastfed?

    It is advised that you should avoid those foods while breastfeeding.

    If you would like I can suggest some websites that can further explain in detail the dos and donts with this particular issue.

    Ill be looking forward to hearing back from you.


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    Hello Sunnymumof5,

    Yes, I am exclusively breastfeeding my little one for 4 months already. The doctor said it's not necessary to have a restricted diet because very little will be present in my milk. I followed and my bub is OK. Should I seek a second opinion?

    I don't know if I have G6PD, too. I did not undergo such tests to confirm. I was told by the paediatrician that there's a good chance that I may be positive, too. Do I need to get myself checked?

    I am just curious; all my life I consumed a lot of foods and medicines that are not allowed for a G6PD deficient person. If I'm a positive, I did not in any way show any negative reaction to it.


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