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Thread: Baby Constipation After Solids

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    Baby Constipated After Solids

    I recently received this question from a new mother concerning her 7 month old daughter.

    She was concerned that her daughter was constipated and in pain. Her daughter was drinking five-6 oz. bottles of iron fortified formula each day, and was eating mostly beef and cereal as additional solids. I recommended that she immediately take her baby off of all solids and give her prunes to help move the food through her digestive system. I also suggested that she offer her daughter 8 ounces of formula whenever she was hungry, approximately every 3 hours.

    She did this, and the next day her little one was better. I am going to invite her to post back here so that others can give her advice on how to introduce solids back into her baby's diet so that she won’t be constipated.

    I suggested that she start with avocado and sweet potatoes and slowly introduce other vegetables, avoiding cereal and meat which tend to bind the bowels and cause constipation.

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