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    Feeling depressed

    My son is 10 years old now could I still be suffering from PPD?

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    PPD is also known as Postpartum Depression, a condition that affects new mothers up till the first year after a baby is born.

    I assume that you could be possibly experiencing general depression and if so, it is best to seek out care from a doctor or family doctor that you trust.
    In some cultures, women gather together and talk, spend time with one another, cook, play games and offer general encouragement to one another.
    I highly recommend start a daily yoga practice to help you feel better, or any sort of light exercise. Exercise is known to help curve depressive thoughts and moods.

    Please to surround yourself with other women who can support you through this time and get on a daily exercise regime. If you find that you are still having depression then seek out a medical professional.
    Hope that you get to feeling better quickly.


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