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    Healthy choices with grandparents

    We want to make healthy food choices. The grandparents want to communicate love with gifts of candy and sweets. How do we hold on to our values without creating conflict with the grandparents or our children?

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    Dear 3generationhome,

    That's an interesting question - and one that many families grapple with at some point.

    Do the grandparents live with you?

    I would say that your values as parents have to come first. There are many ways for grandparents to show their grandchildren that they love them through a gift; this does not need to be sweets or candy. I think it would be best for everyone's relationship in the long-term if you and your partner sat down and had an honest, open, gentle but frank talk with the grandparents. They can still buy then snacks as treats but they need to be ones you are happy with e.g. fruit smoothies, dried fruit, nuts etc

    Communicate just how important the grandparents are to you and your children and how much you appreciate them. Perhaps they could take the children on a special outing every so often or get them craft materials/ books instead?

    You sound like a very caring daughter and mother.

    Warm wishes,

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    Thanks. The grandparents who love giving candy are not the ones who live with us. I like the idea of giving the grandparents some ideas of healthy snacks that would be special treats for the kids. I think coming with a solution instead of with a problem will work.

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    Yes I agree - some positive suggestions is a wise way to deal with this issue.

    Wishing you all the best with this,

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