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Thread: Family mealtime

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    Family mealtime

    Iím battling schedules, technology, food preferences, and attitudes to get everyone together for family dinner. Is family mealtime worth it? How can we make mealtime pleasant for everyone?

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    As a family of 7, we have slowly stopped family meals times. Our age ranges are so vast that sometimes one person is not hungry when another is. So I will make a main meal and if anyone wants to eat they are welcome, and if someone wants to eat later...then I gladly help them get what they want. We are always in communication through out our day so I dont feel that a family meal time is as important to our family as some may.
    We spend alot of quality time together through out the day and that makes up for that need of meal time.
    Another idea if you like family meal time is involving the children in prepping the meal. Allow them to help plan a menu and shop and prepare the food, set up the table...maybe doing this once a week rather than nightly will help gather everyone together.
    Have fun!

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    Thanks so much. Seven of us as well, from 84-year-old grandfather to 7-year-old grandson. It's good to know family dinner is one of many options for meaningful time together.

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