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    What kind of food can help develop your baby's brain?

    Hi everyone. I'm a new member to this forum. I'm sure this forum can help me answer any questions I have about pregnancy, parenting and a lot more! I am currently 5 months pregnant with my 3rd child. I was just wondering if there are any kinds of food that can help increase your baby's brain development while pregnant? Can't wait to know what delicious kinds of food I will start eating this week! Thanks for your answers!

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    Hi Teenmotherof3,

    This is a great question. These foods can help with your baby's brain development:

    - Zinc: this is found both in prenatal vitamins and is in high levels in foods such as: beef, lamb, wheatgerm, spinach and nuts.

    - Omega 3: it is advised that you eat fish twice a week in pregnancy (avoiding fish which is high in Mercury). For example you could eat one portion of salmon and one portion of canned tuna in a week. Research has found advanced brain development in babies under 6 months of age when their mothers ate fish twice a week throughout the second trimester compared to mother who ate no fish.

    - Plenty of fresh fruit and vegetables: organic varieties contain more nutrients than their non-organic counterparts.

    - High quality protein: such as salmon, beans, chicken and lean beef

    With warm wishes for a happy, healthy pregnancy,

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    Drink and eat food that is rich in DHA(Docosahexaenoic acid). There are milks that is especially made for pregnant woman. You can buy it in your local drugstore or supermarket. DHA can help your child's brain development. There are flavored milks in case you don't like the taste of the regular milk. Cold-water oceanic fish oils are rich in DHA also.

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