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    Normal Delivery or Caesarean?

    Good Day.

    I'm a mum of two kids, and both are c-section since I have a history of congenital heart disease when I was 2 months old. It was a miracle that my disease was gone when I was supposed to have the surgery. And when I got pregnant with both my first and second child, I was asked to have the c-section instead of having the normal delivery. Is it possible for me to have a normal delivery with my third child?

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    I do believe that a qualified midwife can better answer your question. I would encourage you to seek out a midwife in your area and discuss these concerns with her prior to any further pregnancies. Talking to a midwife will help you feel more secure about all your options and set you in the right direction that feels good for yourself and family needs.
    Best wishes to you and your family.

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