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    Is it possible to have a fourth child after 3 c-sections?

    Hello there! I am a mother of 2 lovely girls and I'm currently pregnant with my 3rd baby girl. I was really hoping for a boy, but I am still happy for having my 3 little angels. I was really just wondering, would it still be possible for me to have another baby after this upcoming c-section? How many years would it take if ever possible? I am still 21 years old so I'm still hoping for a chance of getting a boy. Looking forward to your answers. Thank you very much!

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    Although there isn't enough research to support a specific limit on repeat C-sections, most women can safely have up to three cesarean deliveries. Each repeat C-section is generally more complicated than the last.

    For some women, the risk of surgical complications — such as infection or heavy bleeding — increases only slightly from one C-section to the next. If you had a long and difficult labor before your first C-section, a repeat C-section might be less physically taxing. The healing process will take at least as long, however, and possibly longer if you develop complications.

    Primary concerns for repeated sections include, weakened uterine wall. Each uterine incision leaves a weak spot in the uterine wall. This might interfere with future pregnancies.

    Problems with the placenta. The more C-sections you've had, the greater the risk of developing problems with the placenta — such as when the placenta implants too deeply and firmly to the uterine wall (placenta accreta) or when the placenta partially or completely covers the opening of the cervix (placenta previa)

    Bladder injuries, which are possible but uncommon with initial C-sections, are more likely with repeat C-sections. The increased risk is likely due to scar-like tissue that developed after a previous C-section, binding the bladder to the uterus.

    Heavy bleeding is possible after any C-section. The risk of excessive bleeding increases with the number of repeat C-sections. The risk of needing a hysterectomy — removal of the uterus — to control life-threatening bleeding also increases with the number of repeat C-sections.

    Repeat C-sections appeal to many women. Beyond three C-sections, however, the surgical risks must be weighed carefully against the desire for subsequent pregnancies.

    Please do consult with your doctor before preceding with a 4th pregnancy, as you can see each woman is do different from the next and our pregnancies as well.
    I do hope that you find this information useful.


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