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    Is it possible to pass on our sleeping disorders to our kids?

    Hi everyone! I am 5 months pregnant and also the mother of 2 amazing girls. Since I'm a WAHM, I tend to sleep extremely late or let's just say early morning. Well even before I became a WAHM, I was always used to sleeping late. For some reason, I do not like sleeping at night. Weird right? Well, I use to do the same with my 2 previous pregnancies. My children go to sleep at around 12-1am in the morning. I tried giving them vitamins, but nothing has worked. Is it possible that my sleeping disorders have been passed on to them? Will the baby I'm currently pregnant with, also get my sleeping disorders? Would love to hear from you! Thanks for sharing your knowledge!

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    I was a teen mom as well.....high five to teen moms!

    Sleep patterns are just that....patterns...if it bothers you that your children go to sleep look into why you are having those feelings. Is society telling you that they should sleep earlier? Possibly other family members as well?

    If it helps to know...I have 5 kids from ages 3 to 20 years old and we all stay up very late..some fall asleep as late as 1,2 am and others go to sleep earlier. We all wake up late in the morning and that works out very well for us.

    If you want an earlier bedtime for your children you will need to remember that the earlier they go to sleep, the earlier they will wake up. So if you go to sleep later, you may not want to get up earlier with them.
    Just a few things to think about.

    Sounds like you have a great system, Id stick to it, if it was me.


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    Dear sunnymumof5,

    I guess, it's not only us! lol Getting pregnant at a young age is getting more common every year. Well my mum bugs me every now and then about my children's sleeping patterns.

    My kids go to sleep earlier than I do. I usually go to sleep at 6am due to my online jobs and everything. My children wake up earlier than I do. Is it bad for my children's health to sleep late though? or is it the same thing as sleeping early?

    Thank you so much for answering my questions. Luckily I have a nanny here at home to take care of my brats. I'm just worried about their health. Really do appreciate the help!

    Lots of thanks!

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    Im so sorry that you think your kids are brats....children are a gift to us...they are small humans that require much love and positive attention.

    I do not believe going to bed at a later hour will harm your children. As long as they are able to sleep until their bodies wake up, then they should be just fine.


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