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    How can I control the tantrums of my spoiled brat?

    Well, here's the thing. My 2 and a half year old daughter is driving me nuts! Well, not all of the time, but usually most of the time. I admit, she is a spoiled brat. The thing is, even if I do give her what she wants, she still cries and screams and goes wild! She throws herself on the floor for no reason. I give her all of the attention she wants! I guess I really did spoil her. Sometimes the neighbors think that I am beating my child because of the way she cries. I don't understand what it is that she needs or wants. Is this normal for a 2 and a half year old child? How can I control her tantrums? Thanks for replying.

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    Dear Teenmotherof3,

    Thank you for your post. Lots of us parents have been through this at some point and it can be difficult to know what to do.

    Firstly, know that it is quite normal for children of this age to have a tantrum. Sometimes this is simply inevitable and you should make sure they are safe and that you are nearby and you love them and you are ready with cuddles when they want one. However, some tantrums can be avoided if we try to avoid their cause. Frequently they can be because a child is feeling: overwhelmed, in need of attention, tired, hungry or thirsty. A common place for a child to have a tantrum is in a busy supermarket. Remember that a child is not trying to annoy you with their tantrum. They feel overwhelmed with a particularly emotion and are unable to express this coherently to mum or dad. In this situation, mum may be stressed and trying to rush around the supermarket when really the child needs some one-to-one attention and a snack. It would be best to shop online or go to the shops after a trip to the park and a drink.

    Other triggers of tantrums include too much screen time; children of this age should only have around 30 minutes of screen time a day as it over-stimulates them. Also, eating or drinking too much sugar makes a tantrum more likely.

    Actually giving your child one-to-one focussed attention is best; you really cannot spoil them like this. Getting lost in a book or solving a jigsaw puzzle together without other distractions are very unlikely to end in a tantrum. Have a look at this article from Little Hearts Gentle Parenting: Toddlers, Tantrums, and Time-ins, Oh My!

    Do let us know your thoughts on this so that we can support you further with this.
    Warm wishes,

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