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    Red face First Time Mum

    Hello everyone!

    I am a first time mum taking care of my 4 month old son. I quit my job when I got pregnant and since then I am loving every minute of my new title.

    I am exclusively breastfeeding my bub and I enjoy those bonding moments with him.

    Soon I will be introducing him solid foods. I hope we won't be having a difficult time with that.

    I am also dreading the day that he self weans from me. I hope it's not too soon!

    Hoping to get helpful tips from the experts and experienced mum I am very excited to post some of my questions!


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    So glad that you are here....
    Congrads on your little one.
    It is a awesome feeling to be able to stay home with your baby.

    Typically a exclusively breastfed baby doesn't need solid foods till after 6 months of age, most of those babies tend to not catch on to solids till about 9 to 12 months of age. If your baby is only 4 months old you have quite some time before introducing solids.

    Im glad that you have found this forum and do hope that we see more posts and communication from you.

    Please let us know if you have any advice for us as well as when you need more advice on a particular subject.


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    Dear Sunnymumof5,

    Thank you for the warm welcome! Yes, I already posted some concerns of mine in this forum and it's really nice that I've been getting a lot of helpful tips and advices. Motherhood is a wonderful life-changing event and I am glad I came across this site.


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    So happy to have you..

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    Welcome to this great forum!

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