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    toddler sleeping routine/pattern

    Hello Everyone!

    I've been having difficulties in my LO's sleeping pattern. She doesn't have a regular sleeping routine and lately she's been staying up very late (past 12 midnight sometimes until past 2 in the morning) and consequently she wakes up late as well.

    I tried to establish a routine and eliminate some factors that may affect an early sleep but to no avail. But there are times she sleeps earlier - 9 pm and wake up early in the morning, this is just for a week then she goes back to staying up late. She does get her nap (approx 2 hour ) in the late afternoon.

    Is this normal for toddlers? Does anybody has the same issues as I do?

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    Do you have an established routine such as bath, books, brush teeth bed. Starting the routine by turning down the lights and turning on soft sleepy music can get her in the mood for bed. You can also try some of the tips mentioned in this article How to get your Child to Beg to Go to Bed.

    How old is she? If nothing works you may want to cut out her nap. I know that can be rough but she can still have rest time in her room for a little while and it just might help. Some children need to cut out their afternoon naps in order to get a nice long stretch of sleep at night. Some of my friends' toddlers stopped naps as early as 2 but on average 3-4. My boys still nap and they are almost5 but they go to bed at 8pm every night ans sleep until 7. Once that stops (or school starts) naps are going bye-bye

    Good luck and keep us posted on how she's doing.

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    I love the suggestions DoubleSunshine made. Did you read the article How to get your child to beg to go to bed? Did you find any helpful suggestions there?

    If your daughter truly has a hard time going to bed earlier than 9PM, you can try putting her to bed 15 minutes earlier each night. If that's midnight the first night, it will be 11:45 PM the next night and 11:30PM the next, until she's going to bed at 9PM or earlier, each night.

    It might help for you and daddy to go to bed when you put her to bed. If that's 11PM, then you go to bed at 11PM too. Every mum and dad needs time together without children, in the evening. It can give you more patience and make parenting much more fun when you are all well rested and you have some "down time" without baby in the evening.

    What one thing do you think you could do differently this week that will help to work towards your daughter going to bed earlier?

    Post back and let me know.

    Warm regards,


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