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    Avoid infertility

    What are the things I can do to avoid infertility?

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    Dear wishingstar,

    There are lifestyle factors which can cause infertility, both in men and women. However, there are also infertility problems which are caused by factors which are beyond our control (such as blocked Fallopian tubes or abnormally shaped sperm). Therefore, it depends on the cause of a person's infertility as to whether there is a change in their lifestyle that would help or if they need medical help/care.

    In terms of lifestyle factors that can affect fertility levels:

    - stress can increase fertility
    - being very overweight, underweight or exercising excessively can cause infertility
    - tight fitting trousers and underwear in men can cause male infertility
    - smoking and drinking increases infertility

    It's also important to have sex often enough and to try and relax.

    Does this help to answer your question?

    Warm wishes,

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