I was on my way home from work, tired from walking up and down from a two-story building, when I felt a sudden gush of blood coming out from me. My husband rushed me to the hospital and I was given immediate care. I didn't feel any abdominal pain or cramping. Laboratory tests were done such as urinalysis and complete blood count. I was diagnosed to have a urinary tract infection. Other than that, my doctor requested the staff nurses for me to have an ultrasound to check if my baby is doing good inside. The placenta was intact and it was on the right position on the uterus. Nothing unusual was seen. I was then confined for two days under close monitoring and complete bed rest. I was given medications; Amoxicillin for my infection; and Isoxilan to control the uterine contractions. My doctor said that I was having Threatened Abortion and did not further explain it. If it was indeed a threatened miscarriage, why did I not feel any pain from my abdomen?