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    The Great Video Game Debate

    How much is too much when it comes to the video games? I work from home, and sometimes my son is on his video games all day long! We don't live near neighbors, so suggestions for what he can do while I work would be great! Thank you!

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    This is a great concern of many parents these days. I too have asked this questions before to other mothers and have gotten such amazing responses.
    I have 5 children and 4 of them are avid gamers, we also unschool and thus my children spend alot of their waking hours gaming.
    My children are big fans of minecraft, and I am so thankful for that I can respect their passion in the game and allow them to play as they wish. Sometimes that means hours and hours a day. And other days that may be a few moments or none at all.
    Minecraft is played using your imagination....what better game for a child to play right?
    They have learned how to do advanced math, build items from scratch, learned to identify metals and how to mix items to make something useful. I could go on and on about all the amazing things they have picked up on minecraft.
    Their are many many other games out their for children to play.
    I say support your child and ask questions, get involved, play with your child, talk about what they did gaming that day. Ask to join them for a few minutes.
    Talk about extra accessories they may need to make the experience more fun.

    Im all for gaming!


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    I see - but I would like my children to be balanced between games and outdoors. I LOVE Minecraft for the reasons you mentioned, and my kids play it a lot! However, I have never been able to play it. It's sad, but I'm just not that into video games.

    I read your advice as, "Let them game", but perhaps I can bring them with me for my hobbies, such as hiking and camping - but how do I get into their gaming hobby?

    Do you have any more tips there? I have asked about their video games, as you suggested, and their eyes lit up. They loved that I was interested in what happened in the game - so I thank you deeply for that!

    I just need to understand how to keep the balance for them, so they have a number of different experiences when they are older.

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