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Thread: How to encourage independence in a toddler?

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    How to encourage independence in a toddler?

    My three-year-old is the only kid in the house, and there are plenty of adults to help her with almost anything. I noticed that sometimes she insists on having someone do something for her (spoon food into her mouth, put on clothes, etc.), even the simplest things! I'd like to see her do more things by herself, but she seems so focused on the idea that an adult can do things better. How can I encourage my little one to explore her capabilities and be more independent?

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    I hear you saying that you would like for your 3 year old to do more things on her own as well as be somewhat more independent.

    I think all parents of 3 year old's feel this way at some point. A 3 year old is still learning and watching and playing so much that they dont have much ability to conform to what we as parents may possibly expect.
    Preschoolers need lots of free time and time to have independence figuring out life as well.
    Here are a few tips I hope that you find helpful with your daughter......
    Let your daughter know you're proud of her new independence and creativity. Give her choices whenever possible so thats he learns to make decisions. As she becomes more responsible in making her own decisions you can give her more control. Above all, a 3-year-old needs to feel love and security while learning and developing. Your 3-year-old is at a precious and magical stage of development. Enjoy the journey!


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    Sometimes it's quite easy to forget little kids are still little, thanks for the reminder!

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