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    short-term bonding activities at home?

    Being a medical intern, my training entails long hours at the hospital and as such, I am unable to spend much time with my daughter. Since I am away from home so much, I know my little girl ends up missing me. I'd really like to make the most of what little time I have at home. Do you have any suggestions for short-term bonding activities that we can do on a regular basis besides reading?

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    I saw that your daughter is 3, at her age children love for adults or anyone for that matter to get down on their level and play with them. Sit down and play what ever it is that she wants to play. a tower with pizzas or make a house.
    Ask her what she wants to play and play with her.
    Nature walks outside are very fun as well. Pick up little rocks or collect flowers and put them in your hair and hers. Hold her hand while you walk, if she wants to.
    A mother daughter yoga class would be fun.
    At her age it wont take much to gain her admiration of you...spending quality time is the most important thing a parent can do with their children.
    Im glad that you are reaching out for advice.


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    Thank you!

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