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    getting a busy, distracted little girl to listen

    My toddler is quite a busy bee and is pretty much distracted by everything in her surroundings; this makes her somewhat inattentive. You can call her repeatedly, but it's either she really doesn't hear you or acts like she doesn't hear you. No one in the family can get her to pay more attention, some of just give up while others resort to raising voices. How can I get her attention and get her to listen or respond when she's called? I don't want to shout all the time!

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    Your child sounds perfectly normal to me.
    However to be completely sure, Its best that you have her checked out by a pediatrician so that they can check her hearing.

    I also mentioned in another post to get on her level and speak to her in a gentle voice, look her in the eyes and speak slowly.

    I assume she is average just like every other 3 year old and is quite busy enjoying her day.
    This stage will pass, hang in their.


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    Thank you for the reply! Maybe a little patience is all I really need.

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