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    Pros and cons

    I'm not exactly expecting yet but wanted to know what the pros and cons of home birth over hospital?

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    Dear Tina,

    You may be interested in our resources on homebirth here.

    The main advantages of having a home birth include that, if you have a normal low-risk pregnancy, then it is an extremely safe place to give birth (some would argue, the safest place). Labour progresses naturally and normally when a woman is relaxed and comfortable in her surroundings. In labour, it is so important to be able to 'switch off' the conscious-thinking side of the brain and 'go within yourself' allowing the contractions to smoothly open the cervix. Fear restricts this process and makes labour much more likely to be longer and more painful. Most women feel most at ease at home so this is a wonderful place for them to birth.

    A midwife can attend your homebirth (most commonly, two midwives would be present during the second stage of labour) and so you would have their medical expertise and experience in your own environment. You would also have the pain relief options of gas and air and pethidine available.

    However, an epidural would not be available at a homebirth and this is one reason why a homebirth transfer to hospital may occur (i.e. the woman is requesting an epidural). If your pregnancy is considered to be higher risk then a homebirth is not normally recommended (for example, if you have gestational diabetes or are carrying multiples). If you needed an emergency c-section then you are obviously closer to the operating theatre if you are already in hospital, however, remember that your homebirth would be monitored by the midwives.

    Please do ask any further questions you have about homebirths here.
    Warm wishes,

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