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    Exercise for Pregnant Woman

    Dearest Mums,

    I would like to know what kind of exercise a pregnant woman will do
    to make her and the baby in the womb healthy.
    I just have a friend who is a first time mum and she is asking me on what kind of
    exercise will she do?

    Please help me how to advise her.

    Thank you,


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    Dear kindmum4kids,

    In terms of exercise in pregnancy, it is recommended that a pregnant woman exercises at a level similar to her pre-pregnancy level. In other words, she should not suddenly start exercising a lot more or a lot less once she becomes pregnant. Swimming and brisk walking are great exercises in pregnancy. You should not be so breathless that you are unable to hold a conversation whilst exercises. Pregnant women should also avoid laying on their back in pregnancy beyond around 15 weeks of pregnancy.

    Obviously, contact sports should be avoided in pregnancy.

    Eating a healthy, balanced diet is equally important for the baby's development. Have a look at this recent post about foods to boost baby's brain development in pregnancy.

    With warm wishes,

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