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    Is it still safe to use Oral Contraceptive Pills?

    Hello and Hi to all mums out there!

    I am posting this question to help me out to advise someone close to me so that she will not get pregnant.
    My sister is already 40 years old now and she is till using an oral contraceptive pills because she doesn't want to get pregnant again. The pill she's been using right now is the one used for the breastfeeding mums. Her baby now is going to be three (3) year old this May and just stopped sucking milk from her.

    Is it still safe for her to use that kind of pill?
    What kind of contraceptive is best for her?

    I hope to hear from any concerned mum out there.

    Thank you,


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    I assume that your sister is taking the 'mini pill' (also known as the progesterone only pill) as this is safe for breastfeeding mums. Do you know if that is correct?

    The mini pill actually has less side effects and risks than the normal pill. However, it does still have risks such as: increased chance of developing ovarian cysts, dizziness and some research indicates depression may also be a risk. Overall it is considered to be very safe. These side effects are not common.

    To avoid these risks your sister's partner could consider using condoms? These are over 99% effective and have no health risks. Some families use 'natural family planning' and tracking the natural changes that occur in your body during your fertile period each month.

    With best wishes,

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