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    Infertility Treatment

    My friend and her husband is about 7 years married but until now, they didn't have a baby
    I just would like to help them seek advise on their present situation now.
    they came up with going to the center and would like to have an Infertility Treatment.
    My question is:

    What are the success rates for Infertility Treatment?
    Can Infertility and Reproductive Surgery help?

    Please help us.


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    Dear kindmum4kids,

    I'm sorry to hear that your friend and her husband have not been able to conceive.

    Please could I ask how old they are as age plays a factor in fertility levels? Is your friend a healthy weight? Being overweight can be a sign of PCOS (polycystic ovarian syndrome) which is a common cause of infertility that can be easily treated/ managed in most cases.

    Indeed, in terms of your question on the success rates of infertility treatment this really depends on what the specific fertility problem is. For example, PCOS sufferers have around an 80% success rate of pregnancy with treatment and management and those who have IVF treatment have approximately a 20% chance of pregnancy.

    I would certainly advise that your friend and her husband go to see their doctor as soon as possible. Remember that infertility can also be due to the man so it is important that he has his fertility levels checked too.

    Does your friend have regular periods? Is she aware there is a three day fertile window each month when the couple need to have sex to have a chance of pregnancy? Sometimes if one partner works away during just these three days each month for many years they can struggle to conceive.

    You could pass this helpful article onto your friend: Understanding Fertility and Infertility.

    Please do post back with any further questions you have so that we can help you to support your friend.

    Warm wishes,

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