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Thread: Intercourse During Pregnancy

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    Intercourse During Pregnancy

    I am a 24-year old mum with two lovely children. I am also a nurse by profession. Having knowledge on pregnancy, sometimes I am uncertain with my answer whenever a patient asks me this question: Is it really safe to have intercourse during pregnancy? I have read books and articles regarding this matter. I would like to ask for your opinion. Thank you!

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    Hi charibelle_925,

    My understanding is that sex is totally fine during a normal pregnancy (up until the moment your waters break!). The only times I believe it is not recommended, unless your doctor or midwife have confirmed otherwise, are if you have:
    -any bleeding (you should see your doctor if you experience any bleeding in pregnancy)
    -a low-lying placenta
    -a history of cervical weakness.

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    Thank you ljmarsden. I'll take note of that.

    Does any one else have additional ideas for me?


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    I agree with ljmarsden - sex is safe in pregnancy except if a woman is experiencing vaginal bleeding, her waters have broken or her midwife or doctor have advised against sexual activity.

    It is common for both partners to experience changes in sexual desire during pregnancy. Changes can occur due to hormones, tiredness, the excitement and normal apprehension that goes along with being a parent and due to fears that intercourse may hurt the baby. Just know that the baby is safely nestled safely within the uterus and that sexual intercourse can’t harm the baby.
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    Thank you aussiemidwife. I strongly agree with that! How about having intercourse when your due date is nearly approaching or when you are already due for delivery? Is it still advisable or it could have effects on the cervix?

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    Sexual intercourse is okay even during labour. The semen on the cervix acts like a prostaglandin and can help to ripen the cervix and get labour going. I had a friend who's labour stalled, and the midwife sent everyone home (she had a lot of friends attending the birth). She encouraged the couple to make love and get some rest that night. They did so and a few hours later labour picked up again and she delivered a few hours after that.

    I've had sex in an attempt to get labour started, and as long as my body was ready, it worked!

    So as long as the bag is still in tact, and the doctor or midwife is in agreement, then it's usually fine to have sex throughout pregnancy.

    Warm regards,


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    Thank you for that insight 5Homebirths4Kate.

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