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    Back Pain in Pregnancy

    We often hear that our pregnant forum members are unfortunately suffering with back pain. This is not surprising as more than half of pregnant women experience back pain in pregnancy.

    Did you experience back pain in pregnancy? Was there anything which particularly helped to ease the pain?

    If you are currently experiencing this problem then please have a look at this helpful article written by our resident midwife Jane Palmer: Back Pain in Pregnancy.

    You can try and prevent this problem by: having good posture, exercising each day (at a level similar to your pre-pregnancy level is recommended), getting enough sleep and finding a comfortable sleeping position (often with the use of additional pillows or a pregnancy support pillow).

    If you are currently experiencing back pain in pregnancy then you should talk to your midwife or doctor. They may then need to refer you onto another specialist. Many women also find: massage, warm water and use of a TENS machine helps with back pain.

    I experienced back pain in my last pregnancy and I found I had to be careful about lifting my toddler as my bump was getting heavier. I encouraged him to walk more (when possible!) and also got him to climb onto me first before lifting him up.

    Please do ask for help if you are suffering. I look forward to hearing your experiences and helping to support each other with this painful problem.
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