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    toilet training

    Hello my name is Paula and I would like some help in relation to toilet training my 3 year old son, he had no interest in going to the toilet but he is getting too big for dippers and will soon be going to playschool so any ideas would be great thanks

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    Paula heatley,

    This may not be the most popular vote, however it worked very well for my 4 boys when it came time to lessen our diaper "load".....take them outside to pee, my boys love going outside. It is so much more fun for them to pee on a tree or sidewalk or grass or flower than to go in the toilet.
    Try it sometime and see what sort of response you get.
    All of my boys have started outside then gradually moved indoors.
    I totally believe it works well.
    Good luck

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    Hi Paula,

    I love the tip from sunnymumof5 above! I also wanted to add that 3 is just the average age for a child to be potty trained. Generally, boys will be later than girls. Some nappy brands will be able to accommodate your child comfortably when they are 4 if he needs this. Also, most preschools and nursery schools do not require a child to be toilet trained before they start. Indeed, where I live I am only aware of one preschool that requires the children to be toilet trained and, speaking honestly, this put me off sending my children there. Whether or not my children are potty trained by age 3 I believe we should be lead by our child and when they are developmentally ready. Many children are not ready by age 36 months and I don't fee a preschool should dictate to parents and make them feel they can't put their child's personal needs and development first.

    I love this article from Little Hearts Gentle Parenting (LR Knost): 3 Simple Steps from Diaper to Potty.

    Have you looked at Dr. Sears's resources on potty training for practical tips?

    Wishing you all the best,
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