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Thread: Marriage and Kids

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    Marriage and Kids

    I have two kids now. I had my first baby when I was 15 years old. I was young then so my parents decided to take care of my baby until I graduate from college. Now that I'm 24 years old, having my own career, I have the full responsibility taking care of my son. I had my baby girl just last November 2011. I love my fiance and my kids. Some say that it is time for us to get married for the sake of our children. But some say that it is better to wait for the right time if we are ready. What is the best decision I should do? Thank you!

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    That is up to you. I was not married when I had my first son, we waited until last July to get married. I had to actually make an ultimatum for that to happen. I mean if you think that you both are better off not married then do not get married, but if you think that it is the right time then I would. You both have to wait and see how you both feel first. Some couples last and they are not married at all. I would do what is right for you and your family.

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    That is a good opinion Lucky120. Thank you for the advice. I started very young to have kids and maybe that is why I wanted to make good decisions for my family.

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    I think the decision has to come from you and your fiancée. How wonderful that you are such a happy family already!

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    I definitely think this is a personal decision between you and your fiancée. You should not get married just because others have told you that is the right thing to do. I was not married when I had my first child, but we did get engaged during the pregnancy. We were married during the pregnancy of our second child, and it was something we both wanted. It is wonderful that you are happy now. I agree that if you both feel you want to get married, then do it. However, if neither of you feel ready, then wait. Some couples are married happily for years, and being married strengthens their commitment to one another. Others find that they really were not compatible, and the marriage doesn't last. I also know couples that have never gotten married and are happy. It is really a very personal choice.

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