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    returning to work

    Hi This debate has went on in my house since I had my first child and now I will soon have to have the debate with myself again, should I stay at home with my children or should I return to work???? Its a big decision I want to be able to provide for my children both financially and be there for them when they need me. I just want to make the right decision so any advice would be great.

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    Dear Paula,

    Thanks such a tough one isn't it.

    If you can afford it, then I think one-to-one attention between a child and parent is best for all aspects of development. Our children change every day; each day they learn something new and will be a little different. If you are able to stay at home with them then it is a wonderful opportunity for bonding and learning through play.

    However, I appreciate that many families will be unable to do this. It is a great thing to provide for your children financially and ensure they have everything they need. Some parents are able to organise it that they both work part time or other mums can work from home in the evenings or at weekends. Another option is for you to work part time and your children to spend this time under the care of wider family members - this can be an excellent middle ground if you trust them and they will care for your children in the way you want.

    Warm wishes,
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    You can have a part time job instead of full time job. You can spend lots of time at home with your children or you can work at home. There are many home based jobs nowadays. It is better that you are at home when your child is growing. You can guide and see them everyday.

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