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    How to let my 2 years and 10 month old girl eat her meal?

    Hi to all mums!

    Good day!

    I got a problem letting my daughter eat her meal. She will be turning 3 years old this coming June. Please let me know how to let her be interested in taking her meal. She just doesn't want to eat and it's really hard for me, not even to take her milk. I am afraid she might not get proper nutrition.

    I will be glad to hear from all you, please help me.


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    How old is your daughter?
    What sort of things does she consume during the day?
    If she is almost 3 years old, that is a picky eater stage and ive found that when my kids were that age they wanted "white" foods...such as white rice, pasta, crackers, bread, bananas. All white foods.
    Another idea is to offer small bowls of lots of different foods, sit the bowls out on the table or her play area and allow her to get her own food when she is ready.
    Also invite her to the table when you prepare a meal for the family. She may chose to partake or she may not. Continue to offer till you find out exactly what she likes and take it from their.
    She will eat as her body tells her to.

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    Dear sunnymumof5

    Thank you for answering my concern about my daughter. Thanks for the tips and suggestions. I'm going to do it for her.

    Best Regards,


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