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    How to stop breastfeeding the baby?

    Dearest Mums,

    Hi to all of you there! Hope you have a wonderful day with your families.

    I just want to hear advises from all you out there on how to stop breastfeeding the bub of my friend who is now 2 years and 1 month old.

    My friend doesn't know how to stop breastfeeding her bub because her 2 year old bub doesn't want a dummy and a bottle for milk.

    Please let me hear from all of you.

    Thank you,


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    Do you know why she is wanting to stop breastfeeding her daughter?
    Is she nursing at night time as well?

    Their is no magical age to stop nursing a toddler. Each family is so very different when it comes to weaning from the breast.

    If the child is sleeping with the mum at night, try moving her to a older siblings bed during the night or have her sleep beside dad to see if the night time nursing subsides.

    Try not to offer the breast during the day, nurse when the child asks.

    Offer to read the child a book or simple distractions during the day to keep child busy.

    Each child will respond differently to weaning, and a mum most follow her child's lead and respect that her child may not be ready to wean.

    Hopefully mum can gently figure out a way to cut back and carry on.


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    I agree with this great advice!

    There's no reason to feel the need to stop breastfeeding at this age unless toddler/mum feel they want to. Breastfeeding is recommended to two years and beyond and there are many benefits to breastfeeding an older toddler.

    However, if mum still wants to reduce/ wean from breastfeeding then I agree that a gentle, gradual approach is best.

    Warm wishes,

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