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    How to Help My Special SISTER?

    Dearest Mums like Me,

    Good Day to all of you!

    Our youngest sister who is now 28 years old, has a mental illnes. Some would say that she got crazy but I think she is not. She could still recognize our names and would do the household chores if you would instruct her to do.

    The problem with her started when she was just 11 years old. She suddenly shouted like she was so afraid of something or someone. She actually said she saw blood on our floor and somebody would stab her. We were very puzzled to what had happened to her until the situation became really hopeless. I really pity on her and I could not stop my tears from falling down while making this message of mine. She wasn't able to enjoy her life. Why this has happened to her when she was born as a normal child. She even went to school until her 4th grade.

    My mother has brought her to the doctor for how many times already but she wasn't healed. she suffered for 17 years of her mental illness. My mother is a widow for 10 years already and she don't know now what to do to my sister and where to bring her. We don't have much fund for her to get well.

    Please help my sister. I hope to hear from all of you.

    Thank you,


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    Dear kindmum4kids,

    I am heartbroken for you reading your post. My thoughts go out to your sister and you all. You sound wonderfully caring - how great that your sister has you and your care and concerns.

    It does sound like you needs a proper diagnosis of her condition. Has a full diagnosis been made? Could see see a doctor specialising in mental health? This would be best. It may be that she needs treatment or some specialised care (as well as your care and attention) to help her.

    Mental health charities can also help with this and they can put you in touch with local support groups and activities aimed at people who are suffering from mental health problems. There is no shame in having a mental health problem - this is thought to affect up to 1 in 5 of people (with varying degrees of severity).

    Do you think that your sister experienced a traumatic event that started this? If so, I wonder if some form of counselling could help. I was unsure from your post as to whether it was a real-life event that she had seen.

    Mental health charities and support groups can also help families which help to care for someone with some degree of mental health problems. Families and carers need support and someone to listen to them too.

    Thinking of you,

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