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Thread: How to conceive if you have an irregular periods?

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    Hello Miss Eimee,

    First of all I would encourage you to find a practitioner that you feel comfortable with. Not one who talks at you and who doesn't take the time to really listen and answer your questions. Every doctor, midwife and practitioner is different and you'll be able to find someone you really like if you take the time to ask around to find out which practitioners others really like. You can also interview midwives and doctors. The ones who are most open to taking the time to talk to you before you hire them will likely be the ones you'll want to partner with for your care (and yes, it is a "partnership").

    My very first thought about your irregular cycles that happen only 2 or 3 times a year and that seems to be hereditary is that you may have PCOS. This is Poly Cystic Ovary Syndrome and it's becoming more and more prevalent.

    Women with PCOS tend to:

    Gain weight around the middle/tummy area

    Have acne on their face and/or back

    Have hair growth on their upper lip or chin (facial hair)

    Have periods only a few times a year.

    You can do some things to naturally regulate your cycles and balance hormones. Exercising for at least 30 minutes every day (without stopping) is a good start. Avoiding all refined sugar is another helpful tip.

    Here's another thread on this forum that discusses PCOS. I hope you'll find some helpful information there.

    Warm regards,


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    Hey Kate,

    Thanks for replying! Yea, most of my friends discourage me from going back to that doctor. You know what, it's a small town and most of the women I know that knows her too avoid her! Anyway, I guess it's high time to look for a doctor that cares hey. Lol.

    Hmm, you got the facial hair and the fatty tummy area correct. I heard that half hour exercises really help, but I was curious how refined sugars affect periods? Hmmm I may need to do more research on this bec. this piece of advice of yours is also beneficial to my diet. Again, thanks for the insight!

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    Hello MissEimee,

    I apologize for taking so long to answer your question.

    First of all, I would encourage you to find another doctor, or - better yet, a midwife. Midwives are usually very caring and they give you far more time than a doctor. A 10 minute doctor visit will be 30 minutes to an hour with a midwife. The midwife wants to ask you questions and wants to answer your questions. She becomes a very dear friend and advocate.

    Once you have a new practitioner that you can see, then you may want to ask that practitioner if they can help you rule out PCOS (Poly Cystic Ovary Syndrome). It is very common and the symptom you mention of not having regular periods (i.e. 2 or 3 a year or none at all) is a classic symptom of PCOS.

    Here are a few other classic symptoms:

    Overweight with extra weight around the tummy/middle (though I've seen PCOS in women who were underweight too)
    Acne on face and/or back
    Hair on upper lip and/or chin

    The midwife can order an ultrasound where they will look at your ovaries. There's a classic pattern that can be seen on the ovaries called a rim of pearls. This is where follicles that normally rupture an egg each month, have not ovulated, and have turned into cysts on the periphery of the ovaries. This can usually be seen in an ultra-sound.

    Once you have an idea of whether you have PCOS or not, then I can give you ideas on how to naturally reverse this.

    Please let me know if you need any help finding a midwife or doctor, and if you have any other questions.

    Warm regards,


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    Hi Kate and others,

    I am a bit confused and frustrated with whats going on with my body and I want to become a mom.
    I have been having irregular periods for quite couple years, most 3 months in one year continuously.
    I have been to doctors, they say its can be a case of PCOS and have prescribe contraceptives to regulate my cycle. I have done some research and it states that PCOS causes infertility. Which is frustrating because I would like to conceive naturally. Sometimes, I feel like I won't be able too. My family so far that I know does not have a history of PCOS.
    Question: would someone with my condition, having irregular period sometimes skips for 3 months or sometimes a different pattern during the year. Would I be able to conceive naturally? I have been trying but so far I haven't been able too. It's frustrating for myself and my fiance.
    Is there a way I can regulate my menses, so I can be able to ovulate? without taking contraceptives. I am scared to keep using contraceptives since I have heard it forces your egg to release, and getting pregnant will require you to take additional steps. I have been off my contraceptive treatment since November,2014 until now. I currently skip this month menses.
    NB: I am not sure as to whether I have the PCOS condition, since I have no acne, facial hair, cyst or such. My practioner had requested ultrasound, pap smear, blood work and everything came back normal.
    Your response will be helpful.
    Please, share your advice.
    Thank you,
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    Thank you Kate!

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