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    How to conceive if you have irregular periods

    Hi all,

    My name is Joanna Cortez and I really need help or like tips on how I will conceive. I am married for about 13 months, and if we will be blessed, he/she will be our first born child. The problem is I was having an irregular period before and lately I noticed that my cycle turns out to be like 24-27 days cycle. So, I am not really sure if it already became regular or if it is like something else. Now because of this we were really having hard times on hitting my fertility periods. Some say I can easily detect it through my body temperature and some say I can just count it based on my periods. Well, that is really the problem, since I have irregular periods, I don't know where to start with the counting. Like what they say the dangerous days. I hope you can help me with this because all I want and dreamed of is to be a mum and we are really excited to be parents, especially me. And I'm really sick and tired of seeing negative result from a pregnancy test.

    Also, if possible, I want to ask you tips on how I will conceive easily. Thanks A lot. Hope you will help me with this.
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