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    Hi Mum Assie & Kate,

    It's actually a false alarm. I just got my period today I think we're gonna have to try again. Anyways thanks for this website because somehow I get support from people who can understand and help me with my situation... Thank you.

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    Dear beh_joanna,

    Really sorry to hear you didn't conceive this month like you were hoping. That must have been so disheartening when you saw your period had come. Thinking of you and I'm glad that we can help support you on this forum.

    A friend of mine has very long and irregular cycles and earlier this year she conceived - I wish the same for you soon. I know it is hard when you are longing for a baby. I hope you are able to have some time to relax today.

    Best wishes,


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    Hi Joanna,

    So sorry to hear it was a false alarm. However, it does tell us a little more about your cycles. Hormones don't seem to be in balance.

    Have you ruled out PCOS? Do you need help figuring out what your next step will be? There are things you can do to help balance your cycles, but figuring out what is causing the imbalance will help you know where to start.

    Did you change anything last month? Did you change your diet, exercise more (or less)... what have you done so far, and do you know what you'll try to change this month?



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    Hi Kate,

    Actually, I exercise less. I was usually having zumba session but since I got delayed I lessen up my exercise thinking that it would have some bad effect if in case im pregnant. Yes I really want to know what should be my next move. I am really excited to have a baby and I am really pressured by the people around me especially my mum and my parents in law. But I got some problems going on right now. I really thought that I am having my period two days ago, I used pregnancy test kit and it's negative, but till now, I still don't have that heavy flow that you should actually have when you have a period. I am experiencing pain in my belly like what you should experience before having a period. It's like menstruation's coming out but it can't. hope you get what i meant. It's just like I am having a spotting, do you have any idea about this kind of situation? If my mens don't come out after few days, I think I'm gonna visit a doctor. Hope you can help me with this. I would really appreciate it.

    Thanks so much Kate and thanks also to LJ


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    Hi Joanna,

    The spotting/light flow of blood, and the painful cramps are both indications of hormonal imbalance. Unfortunately when hormones are out of balance, they can create symptoms which are very similar to pregnancy symptoms so sometimes it's hard to tell whether you're pregnant or not, until your period arrives or you take a test.

    Here's what I'd suggest. See your doctor or midwife and ask them to do a whole hormonal panel work-up on you. Hormones you'll want to have tested are:

    Estrogen(s) (i.e. Estradiol, Estriol, Estrone)
    FSH (follicle stimulating hormone)
    LH (luteinizing hormone)
    TSH (thyroid stimulating hormone)

    Being that you've also had irregular cycles in the past, I'd definitely focus on ruling out PCOS, and an ultrasound can be helpful for this, as it can detect whether there are cysts on the ovaries or not (a "ring" of cysts on the ovaries are indicative of PCOS). The Testosterone and Prolactin test results can also help in diagnosing PCOS.

    Some of these test will need to be done on day 3 of your cycle (after you start bleeding red blood, not brown blood). The progesterone test is often done 7 days after ovulation, or around day 21 of your cycle.

    This is what I would do if I were in your shoes. I'd want to get a baseline of where your hormone levels are, and then you'll know better what to do next, to balance hormones so that you can conceive easier.

    Making love every other day isn't going to help if you have a substantial hormonal imbalance. You'll want to address that first, and then get your timing perfect.

    Keep us updated and feel free to ask any other questions.

    Warm regards,


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    Thank you so much Kate. I will definitely do these. I'll keep you posted. Thank you again for the advises.

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    I have a problem with my irregular menstruation. I want to ask if I still have any chances of getting pregnant since I have irregular menstruation and with my age 33. I'm really starting to worry now if i can still have my period, it's been two months already. I need help.

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    Is there any medical solutions to my irregular menstruation? Is there any possibilities that I can get pregnant even if I don't have my period for the last few months? Even without my period i still feel some cramps. Why is that? Does it mean I'm ovulating?

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    It's really important for you to balance your hormones so that you start to have regular cycles. Cramps are an indication of hormonal balance no matter when you have them (and if you get a little crampy during pregnancy, that's due to hormones changing in an effort to support the pregnancy).

    One of the first things you'll want to learn is how to watch your body's personal signs of fertility so that when you do try to conceive, you'll have the highest chance of getting your timing absolutely perfect. The other benefit of learning to watch your fertility signs is that you'll get a sense of when you're ovulating or if you're ovulating.

    Be sure to read through this entire thread (or at least my posts) for more information on the steps you should take to determine what is causing your irregular cycles. Once you know the cause, then we can work on reversing it and bringing your body into balance naturally.

    Please feel free to post back with any questions you may have.

    Warm regards,


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    Thank you Kate!

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    For the past two months i have experience some spotting. I am confuse if that was menstruation or not.

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    Spotting is most often an indication of hormonal imbalance. You should be working closely with your practitioner so you can figure out what is causing the irregular cycles and spotting.

    Traditional Chinese Medicine is extremely helpful in balancing hormones.

    Warm regards,


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    Hi everyone,

    Before giving birth, my regular menstrual cycle is 30-32 days. After 2 years of giving birth, I noticed that my cycle will be delayed by a week or two. Is this due to pregnancy? What could be the cause of this? Could this mean that it will be difficult for me to conceive for a 2nd baby?


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    Hi ladies! I've had VERY irregular periods all my life. And believe me, I never worried until now that I'm considering getting pregnant. You see, the women in my family have had the same issue. Mum had irreg. menses until after I was born. She's always said that it would be the same for me. However, think about this. Mum gave birth to me when she was 19. I am 26 years old, and have periods only 2-3 times a year AT MOST. Some years it would be NOTHING at all, not a trace of blood. It is starting to worry me A LOT!!! I'm like.. does all that blood that need to be shed every month accumulate and god forbid, become a tumor inside me or something? I would love to feel normal by having my period every month like every other woman I know. I feel scared going back to my ob gyn bec. she has this attitude and she doesn't listen much. She just says what she thinks and doesn't seem to care at all about how I feel and what I'd like to talk about. Sorry that I don't know much about these things and looking forward to your guidance. Thank you!

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    Hello chillgorjus,

    Pregnancy brings about many hormonal changes and sometimes it will take a little time for those hormones to come back into balance so that your cycles become regular again. If you've been breastfeeding for 2 years, this can cause fluctuation in cycle lengths as well.

    However, if you have not been breastfeeding for the past year, then you could have a hormonal imbalance that needs to be balanced so that your cycles can become regular again. If you're trying to conceive you want to be sure that each phase of your cycle is optimal. You'll want to be having 3-5 days of good bleeding and then you want to see good signs of fertility starting around day 9 or 10 in your cycle, with ovulation occurring around day 14 of your cycle (day 14 is not critical - some women ovulate a little earlier, others a little later) and then a good 14 day luteal phase which is the time after ovulation.

    If any of these phases of your cycle are out of balance, it could make it much harder for you to conceive and/or avoid miscarriage when you try again.

    If you'd care to share more information or ask more questions, please feel free to do so.

    Warm regards,


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