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    Should I be worried ? 20 week scan

    I have had My 20 week scan and will have an appoitnemt with the doctor next week. but the untrasound lady mentioned that the babies kidneys aren't draining. That it can resolve as he develops if not easily fixed up once born.. its to do with things going wrong when he is older.... but i am scared anyway ... apparently it is quite common in boys ... and if not its easily treated. Also my amniotic fluid is a little bit high... again she said not to worry but it makes me worry.... all other tests have come back ok including downs and she was happy with his heart beat spine and limb lengths ect... i know the doctor will give information but that is 6 days away and i am very concerned... as i am a first timemother... any advice?

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    Dear EricaM,

    Welcome to the Pregnancy, Birth and Beyond forum.

    I'm sorry you are concerned. In terms of the kidney being enlarged, this is rarely a significant problem. It often is seen to be a normal size at a later scan (i.e. resolves itself). If not then in some cases the baby needs antibiotics when it is born.

    Amniotic fluid levels can also resolve themselves and if she said that it was just slightly raised then this is reassuring.

    When is your next scan please?

    Thinking of you,

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