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    Hynotherapy one solution to birth trauma?

    I would just like to know if anyone has used hynotherapy to resolve birth trauma issues? I have heard how it has helped people overcome emotional problems and addictions, but never specifically for addressing birth trauma. Would appreciated hearing from someone with personal experience.

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    Dear drgloria,

    Yes I can personally testify to this. I unfortunately experienced post traumatic stress after the long labour of my first baby where I felt out of control and scared. This left me fearing birth and with flash backs to the labour as well as panic attacks. All this lead to myself and my husband hiring a doula for our next labour and doing a hypnobirthing course.

    During the hypnobirthing course my doula taught me how to use self-hypnosis (this is really just a deep state of relaxation, the term 'hypnosis' can be mis-leading) to overcome the fear and trauma surrounding what I had experienced with my first son. I am pleased to report that my second birth was subsequently a very positive experience.

    Warm wishes,

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